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Welcome to the Album Seposita Locus

The High Gothic 1 phrase “Album Seposita Locus” roughly translates to “List of Distant Places”. As such this data assembly represents a catalogue of lesser systems and planets on the bleeding edge of the Calixis Sector. The collection is primarily maintained by Inditor Robotkio who can be contacted via most major interstellar cartography unions. Do not attempt contact of this data assemblies maintainers for any reason other than for corrections, additions or updates to the Album Seposita Locus. Requests for more in-depth information that is not found within this data assembly should be directed to your local interstellar cartography union or travel bureau. Requests for such information directed towards the maintainers of this data assembly will be ignored.

Getting Started

If you already know the name of the system or planet you are trying to find, or just wish to browse, the best place to look would be the Table of Contents. It has a list of all documented systems and planets that are available for perusal within this data assembly.

Do note: there is currently no standard layout to display information of the individual sections. Such standards may appear at a later date for ease of use. As it stands, information layout will be subject to the individual retainers of each section. We thank you for your patience.

For GMs and Players Alike

For those who don’t know, this wiki was created as a way for a group of GM’s to have some Dark Heresy games set up in the same system. As much as we all think the default planets of the Calixis Sector are interesting we would rather have our own, personalized set of planets and systems that can be congruent from game to game. This way we can all create from the ground up, but have other sections of our systems change and adapt to the world as individual games change it. Hopefully it works out like that!

That said I want to try and keep things that are game specific out of the wiki pages unless it’s something fairly generic or static that anyone can use. For example noting specific characters like, Deaf Jim who hangs out at the Brass Bucket in Fifth Iron on Cerss, is a little to specific for the scope of the wiki. Unless Deaf Jim is really, really cool, of course. On the other hand, noting the head of governing bodies, like Drustus Eisen being the Planetary Governor of Trithen, is perfect.

Overall I’m hoping this can be a tool more for GMs than Players, so the more in-depth and flushed out the information can get the better. Of course, if a GM doesn’t want anyone messing with anything I would highly encourage them to note it in the wiki! As well, accredit your sections or sets of information, that way if someone wants to change it or inquire about it, they know who to go to.

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1 Read: Latin.

Album Seposita Locus

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